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THE AURA STORY is an evolutionary philosophical concept by the visionary artist Pasquale Autorino a.k.a. SIERMOND expressed in four (4) collections characterized by a set of artistic projects created over an eight (8) year career. The collections are distinguished by the title assigned, indicating the collective interpretative meter to be expressed during observation and imaginative and inspiring analysis. The connecting theme is the spiritual sphere which illuminates cognitive paths in different existential fields: emotional, mental, concrete, spiritual. The essence takes on various facets that generate unconscious advice and food for thought to be projected into 3D reality for a new consciousness. The story of the initiatory journey has the aim of communicating through global language, sensations and colors derived from the involuntary association of the writing with the emotion aroused unconsciously. The main aspects are analysis, flow, story and capacity for healing, expansive and strengthening manifestation.



Essential manifestations of enlightened spirit guides

The BRIGHT story is an initiatory and evolutionary path generated by the combination of visionary images that resonate in the dark mind of false beliefs triggered by the egoic conditioning of past lives and by the surrounding concrete reality not in line with one's spirit. The soul eager to evolve its conscience towards new, brighter horizons is invaded by a peaceful and loving energy that initiates the aura towards a new existential concept. The Universe acts as a master guide illuminating the path to follow to prepare each unconscious particle for the reception of messages intended in the form of dialogues between man and the divine.



Individual introspective analysis

The INSIDE story is a collection of unconscious visual projects activated by reading the short periods that make up the initiatory introspective immersive frame. The emotional impact feels a frightening obstacle that gives off healing vibrations for the spirit and mind. It captures the darkness in full collective order with the laws of the Universe making our body stronger. Embrace deep awareness and give new radiance to our Aura.

HOLY WATER_3-min.jpg


Universal flows of awareness

Energetic essence that lasts in infinite time pure manifestation of bodies wrapped in perfect spiritual, emotional and mental balance. Streams of consciousness meet a dialogue of pure truth intended to express peace and love. The observer immediately perceives a sensation of inner light and then resonates in his unconscious as eternal memories in the story lived in a visionary mind.



Destined love novels

The TWIN FLAME story tells of the magical encounter of two bodies and a soul that meet, driven by destiny. Love is infinite. Like two flames that come together to generate a new, stronger fire. Being of the fire element souls can generate wonders such as creating chaos and contrast. Embracing his own soul and immortalizing in shots completely unaware of knowing that he is the same energetic matter.