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DIVINE LIGHT is the unlimited source of energy that connects our Aura to maximum personal fulfillment by clearly revealing our life purpose.


In the section below you can find some invocations to the universe.

After reading the prayer of the order try to instinctively choose the one that resonates the most and try to recite it every morning for 21 days to get closer to your divine light.

The journey lasts 21 days. It all starts with reciting the ORDER POEM aloud. Your voice connected to the heart will bring day zero to life.

From day 1, the following morning, you will have to recite the prayer chosen on day zero until day 12.

On the twelfth day, recite the ORDER POEM prayer again. Immediately after meditating letting the divine light flow into our aura. Once you open your eyes, write in a personal diary what you have seen and heard, and then recite the zero day prayer until the twenty-first day.

The recitation of the prayer of orders closes the path of divine light.

Upon awakening on the following twenty-second day, one is in axis with one's heart and one will perceive an evolutionary change in one's aura, attracting blessings from the Universe more easily.


Bless me my guardian angel
Cover me with the brightest light that exists

Wipe out my past
Cure my torments

Just give me strength, grit, power

Invade me with your full awareness
Burn the hottest fire that exists

Give me the key to success
Teach me to be magnificence

Make me gush only extreme love and peace

Bless my every step
My every choice

Make me wise

I will shout for joy every day

Magnificent sky you tore the old me to smithereens dropping confetti of hope on every part of my new body which would now have the full hope of being the brightest star on earth

Eternal yours
Eternal mine

Thank you Universe for trusting me with this knowledge
My gratitude is unparalleled

My new life awaits me
And I know you will always be with me

  Divine light


Finding yourself is a journey that starts from self-knowledge

breathe deeply and let yourself go into the depths of yourself, go down, dig and immerse yourself in your deepest self

close your eyes, observe what your mind transmits to you

concentrate on a question

apologize, forgive yourself, love yourself, thank yourself

it is necessary to know your every value and every talent and at the same time discover your obstacles that prevent you from expressing yourself fully in life

fears conventions are like fog it doesn't make you see clearly what the your nature

 finding yourself is knowing the most authentic part of yourself


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